Farm Facts

Over the years, we have been asking a lot of questions. We have wanted to learn as much as we can from everyone we meet.


1. Goats will get out at some point. When mine escape (or are let out), they go right for the good stuff: rose bushes, grape vines, and the apple and fig trees. They will strip the bark of the trees if given the chance!

2. They are not solitary animals. If you want a goat, please get a pair. Be warned that mature bucks smell when they go into rut. Some people find the smell very offensive and it will taint the milk if you plan on having a doe in milk.

3. I have raised goat kids on their mothers and bottle fed them. In my opinion, the kids that are bottle raised are more friendly to people than the ones allowed to stay on their mother.

4. When goats become ill, the first thing to check is for parasites. It is good to already know your vet before your animals need one. 

5. Goats prefer to eat weeds, brush and tree leaves. Grass is not high on their list of favorites. They do enjoy treats. My goats usually get strawberry tops and carrot peels. I have heard of some owners who also hand out raisins and animal crackers.

6. The gestation of a goat is 5 months. Waiting is the hardest part for me!

7. Sudden changes in the weather can cause the goat to go into labor. I try not to breed for January babies for that reason. It is hard to keep them warm during January and February.



1. Chickens and turkeys do not always seek dry ground when it rains. Occasionally, they can drown from the water collecting.

2. If you do not give ducks a swimming hole, they will take over all watering troughs for their own pleasure. (Which translate to cleaning the troughs out daily!)

3. Our birds are given fruit and vegetables as a supplement to their poultry ration. They love to eat whey, watermelon and whole wheat bread. I barely have anything to compost when the chickens are done.